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New Visions Wellness 

Our Services

Our services are focused on personal growth and development. They are designed based on the identified needs and interests of disadvantaged social groups.

How It Works

  1. Complete the Therapy Request Form.
  2. We will match you will a counselor who will contact you to set up services.
  3. If we cannot meet your counseling needs, we will refer you to another provider.

We offer options to pay out of pocket, with insurance, on a sliding scale, and free services for those who qualify. To see more information about our payment and fees, see our Rates of Services section below.

Therapy Request Form

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The Rates of Our Services


  • Tier 1 services: Clients can receive up to six counseling sessions for free with a CIT.
  • Tier 2 services: Clients can continue counseling sessions with a CIT after the initial free sessions or begin reduced rate sessions for a fee of $30 with a LPCA.
  • Tier 3 services: Clients pay the full counseling fee of $85 or make payment through insurance coverage with a LPC.

Any SC resident is eligible for Tier 1 services.