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New Visions Wellness 


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Who We Are

New Visions Wellness Center, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) human service organization established on social justice principles.

Our Beliefs

Our online counseling and training clinic was developed based on the knowledge that the high prevalence of social injustice experienced by marginalized groups can cause psychological distress, and the lack of racial minorities in the mental health profession can be problematic to the therapeutic process and outcomes.

NVWC recognized that there is both a need and opportunity to not only diversify the field of mental health professionals but also empower clinicians to advocate for equity and justice for and with marginalized groups. We believe mental health professionals are in a great position to help others understand how social injustices can impact the overall functioning and well-being of oppressed individuals and groups.

Therefore, we should stand up for and on behalf of marginalized groups and advocate for equity and justice. Mental health professionals functioning in the role of social justice advocates is a way to help remediate the racial disparities in mental health. Additionally, culturally competent clinicians who advocate for change in mental health disparities can increase the chances of marginalized groups having equal access to quality mental health services.

Peer Mentor Program

New Visions Wellness Center developed a mentor program designed to provide a guide for students and help them navigate through the educational program on the road to a career in mental health. The mentor program is designed to assist technical college, undergraduate, and new graduate students in making the academic and social transition into the next level of education. The mission of the peer mentor program is to help build overall wellness by providing information, support, resources, and academic, personal, and career counseling to help students achieve their goals. 

The program is dedicated to assessing and meeting the needs of students in the important areas of their lives and alleviating barriers that may impede student retention and program completion. The purpose is to provide support and guidance focused on students and trainees on all levels who are interested in careers as mental health professionals, particularly licensed professional counselors.

About Our Founder and CEO

Stacey Olden is the founder and CEO of New Visions Wellness Center, Inc. She is a seasoned and experienced counselor, university instructor, and clinical supervisor. She takes pride in having more than 28 years of experience as a helping professional. She has been a licensed clinician for more than 18 years and a university instructor and clinical supervisor for more than 12 years.

She holds active licenses as a professional counselor (LPC) and supervisor (LPCS) in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Ms. Olden also possesses a licensed addiction counselor (LAC) license in South Carolina. She has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counselor Education and Supervision and a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Ms. Olden is passionate about providing culturally responsive services from a social justice perspective. She is person-centered and takes a holistic approach to treatment. She is dedicated to helping individuals reach their overall mental and emotional wellness.

She is committed to helping others navigate through difficulties and challenges in life. With this in mind, she works with individuals in developing a plan of action to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

Ms. Olden enjoys teaching and supervising counselors in training (CIT). Her sincere passion for mentoring gives her immense satisfaction. She provides training and clinical supervision for CITs and test preparation workshops for people who will be taking the National Counselor Examination.

Through her online counseling and training clinic, she provides multicultural and social justice education seminars and opportunities for CITs to obtain the necessary client contact hours and clinical supervision hours. This is all while helping them gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience working with individuals and families from underserved populations.